Hello, Old Friend!

It seems like a decade since I’ve had time to visit this space. So much has happened. I live in a different state, and that is true both literally and metaphorically. We are far from settled and probably wont be for many months. We now live on over 15 acres, fringed with old growth trees on the edge of a river. The climate is very different than in California: we expect snow tonight! Each day presents new challenges. Some are handled with a modicum of grace. Some are not.

That said, this space is not for those challenges. This is my corner to create and ponder. So, I am here to report somewhat proudly that I have begun taking baby steps back to my creative life.

(1) I’ve started a journal. It’s a silly thing, really. In the morning, I make a few simple goals for the day. At night, I see what I’ve accomplished. Sometimes, I’m very successful. Sometimes, I’m not. However, at least I’m checking in and trying.

(2) I’ve managed to carve out a simple exercise routine of yoga and a long walk outdoors most days. Nothing better than the quiet and fresh air to let the mind unwind and percolate.

(3) I’ve picked up my book reviews and copy editing once more, and I’ve accepted an offer to edit manuscripts for publication. I’m very excited to see where that may take me.

(4) Although it may not seem like a huge accomplishment, I’ve located both my knitting and painting supplies among the endless boxes! I even managed to complete several rows on my latest baby blanket. I’ve even been looking at our piano longing, across the room over a sea of boxes. The fact I finally have a drive to get back to these projects makes life feel more normal to me.

(5) Finally, I am dreaming and scheming again! I look outside and see flower, herb and vegetable gardens, a small orchard, and maybe a greenhouse. What about a few chickens for eggs or some bees? What about the concoctions I can make in my kitchen? And wouldn’t I love to make some things for the house! All in good time, of course.

Well, little space, I’m back. Or I’m coming back bit by bit, and it feels wonderful.