Great Post

A friend brought the most interesting article entitled, The Special Challenges of Highly Intelligent and Talented Women who are Moms, to my attention. I have no desire to tout my own brilliance. I’m the first person to be little impressed by myself. However, when I read this article, I suddenly understood my lifestyle choices so much better.

For years now, people have asked how, or more to the point, why I choose to homeschool, work, and still attempt to have a creative life of my own. I’ve never really known a good answer. I like the intellectual challenge of homeschooling my children. Working isn’t a choice, but I could choose to spend my little bits of free time relaxing. Instead, I choose to read voraciously, write critically and creatively, knit, paint, etc. I actively seek out deadlines and commitments that involve those interests because deadlines ensure that I make time for those pursuits. 

All I’ve ever been able to say in response to peoples’ queries is that I’m not happy unless I have that sort of stimulation in my life.

Now, thanks to Belinda Seiger, I finally understand that my impulses.

Creative Check-In

I’m afraid I don’t have much to report on the creativity front today. I’ve done no knitting or writing, although I am reading at a furious rate for the Reviews. When possible, I am reading Steve Kowit’s  In the Palm of Your Hand: The Poet’s Portable Workshop as I caste about for a poetry prompt.

The highlight of my day was talking with Red Cheever for a couple of hours this afternoon. For twelve years, he has been an amazing spiritual adviser, who helps me see my life in a larger context. He suggested I read Andrew Harvey’s The Direct Path and that we read Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God together. I’m excited by both texts. I’m also toying with the idea of returning to my long-ago habit of attending the quieter weekday Masses. I find the quiet restorative.

Although you will not find direct references to God in my creative outlets, I find my creativity flows when I feel centered and connected to something greater than myself. So, I’m looking forward to that flow.

Creating a Space for Creativity

My first attempt at making more room for creativity in my life is quite literal. Over Christmas break, I’ve been tinkering with the design of my office to make it more comfortable for my creative pursuits.

My desk space

My Writing Space
My new reading and knitting chair

My Reading Chair I’m pleased with the changes. Now, I’ve just got to keep the ball rolling and be creative!