Creative Every Day Challenge

Once again, I’ve decided to join the Creative Every Day Challenge. I’m late, but what’s new? I realize this probably sounds like a pretty futile task for someone who never seems to finish any creative project. However, I like this challenge for a couple of reasons. First, creativity is defined broadly. It can include a photograph, recipe, poem or whatever I feel required my creativity. Second, I do not have to post every single day. I need to try to be creative every day, but I wont feel like a failure if I don’t get a post up here. Third, even if I’m only creative a few times in a week, the challenge reminds me of my goal to take more time for creativity. Finally, I think I will enjoy looking back on a long list of posts at the end of the year, evidencing how far I’ve come in my goal!

So, let’s see where the 2014 Challenge takes me.