Review: Restore and Rebalance

Product DetailsIn a stressful world, Judith Hanson Lasater gives the gift of deep relaxation through twenty yoga poses. In her book, Lasater provides very detailed instructions for preparing props to support each pose, entering each pose physically and mentally, and exiting each pose. Black and white photos further clarify the instructions to ensure correct postures, although it would probably be beneficial to practice with a partner to check each pose. Special advice for teachers follows each pose as well. In a final section, Lasater offers pose sequences based either on time constraints or particular concerns. Furthermore, a better teacher would be difficult to find, as, among her many accomplishments, Lasater co-founded Yoga Journal magazine and is President Emeritus of the California Yoga Teachers Association. Few would disagree that we live in stressful times, and Restore and Rebalance provides a wonderful antidote.

(Originally reviewed in exchange for a free of copy of book at Netgalley.)