SITS 31-Day Problogger Challenge

For the next 31 days, I intend to participate in the 31 Day Problogger Challenge through SITS. (I have a blog badge on the right for anyone interested in more information.) I am taking the challenge to enliven my blogging once again.

Today, the challenge requires I create an elevator pitch for this blog. Curious Mind Garden records my creative and intellectual life. It is meant for me. If others read it and become interested or inspired, I am delighted. If it allows me to connect and form a community with other creative, thinking people, that is wonderful. However, its primary purpose is personal. 

Did creating the elevator pitch change Curious or the way I think about Curious? Yes and no. Formulating the answer helped me articulate what I’ve known in a vague way from Curious’ inception. However, putting those thoughts into words allows me to see more clearly the direction of this blog.