It’s What’s for Lunch!

Okay, my posts are getting a bit redundant, but cooking is about my only creative outlet at the moment. I’m having fun trying to find new and interesting ways to empty the freezer and pantry by creating new combinations before we leave.

Today, I steamed a large amount of CSA broccoli, browned a package of turkey burger, and made a large pot of pasta. After that, I whipped up a quick cheese sauce using sharp cheddar and combined all the ingredients for a tasty lunch. Yum! And I have enough leftovers for one more meal!002-001

More Delicious Food

In a continuing effort to use what is on hand, here is my latest concoction. 061

In this particular dish, I sauteed summer and crookneck squash with zucchini, red onions, mushrooms, and minced garlic. In a separate pan, I browned turkey burger and chicken sausage of a mild, but indeterminate type. Finally, I mixed it all together with organic spaghetti sauce. Fantastic!

Delicious Food!

I have a small announcement. We’re moving to Washington State!

Yes, after two years of relentless searching, we found the place for us.

As a rather obvious result, we are spending our summer organizing and packing. I also have one pantry, two freezers, some fairly productive fruit trees and a short-term CSA box subscription to liquidate.

Bottom line, with a bit of creativity, we are eating well these days!

This is a quick mix of diced turkey bacon, Swiss chard, minced garlic, diced tomatoes, red onion, diced mushrooms, and leftover rotisserie chicken. I mixed this with two pounds of black beans and served on whole grain tortillas with guacamole and shredded cheese.


This breakfast scramble has three eggs, one cup of egg whites, a good handful of jack cheese, diced bell peppers, diced mushrooms, and diced potatoes fried with garlic and a little olive oil. Fantastic!


This fruit salad has organic peaches, plums, apples, grapes, nectarines and grown-right-on-our-own-tree apricots. I dressed with organic vanilla yogurt. A fabulous dessert!


We got a nice bunch of kale and green onions in our CSA box, so I sauteed the onions and some mushrooms in olive oil, white wine, and minced garlic and wilted the kale on top. Yum!

011I’m sure the move will have its rough moments, but food wont be one.