Vegetable Garden

Much to my dismay, my vegetable garden has become a source of
disappointment this year. I had high hopes for this year because we
leveled more space, expanded my raised beds from three to six and
doubled the height of the new beds for easier access. We also fenced
the area and put down weed block and mulch. With all of that time,
effort and money, I could not help but get my hopes up.

Something, however, is definitely wrong. It may be that we had a very
cool summer in June. Or, the dirt in the new beds may not be what I
wanted. (I thought I ordered one thing and got another.) Inadequate or
inconsistent water may have played a part. Any one of these could have
weakened the plants to permit a virus to attack.

Whatever the cause, the plants are producing, but not thriving. And for
the better part of the summer, it’s bothered me. Last night, however, I
decided to focus on the positive.  Here are the results of my change of

have never had luck growing beans in my garden. Actually, these are
from a second planting, after something came in and nipped my earlier
plants off at the base. I have no idea if I will get any beans, but I
just love the way their delicate tendrils gracefully entwine the
netting. And they appear to be growing by leaps and bounds as those
were not there a week or so ago. You just have to love a plant that

I realize that this isn’t miraculous, but that looks to me to be a
perfect eggplant! Note the unblemished color and perfect shape. This
one has Szechuan Eggplant in its future!

sunflower.jpgFinally, how can anyone feel disappointed in a garden that produced this sunny, happy creature?

Homemade Lemonade

Okay, I’ll admit as an opening post, it lacks pizazz. Still, it was a
moment to remember. I made homemade lemonade today. My two oldest boys,
who are 6 and 8, juiced the lemons by hand. One cup of lemon juice, one
quart of water and a half cup of sugar later, we had lemonade and a
some big smiles.

Now that the boys are in bed, I’m settling down to knit, knowing that we created a good memory today.

New Arrivals

Over the six years we have lived on our property, we have gotten to
know the local fauna. We have wild turkeys in the area that trek
through our property once a day as part of their feeding circuit.
However, I have seen them for a few weeks.

Today, the reason became apparent. This is a hen and her new babies.


the coming weeks, I hope to get an accurate headcount of all the chicks
and get to know this little family better. Welcome to the neighborhood!