New Year’s Resolutions

The end of 2009 approaches rapidly, and my thoughts have turned to resolutions. Having reviewed my current circumstances, I find little in need of serious improvement. I think Dr. Oz made some good suggestions. To these, I would add the following:

(1) Eat more home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients – Let’s face it: fresh, homemade food tastes better. I might as well enjoy my food.
(2) Spend some time each day in prayer and attend weekly Mass – This isn’t some desire to be more religious in the conventional sense. I simply want to find more peace and joy in life. Taking time to be grateful is a good start.
(3) Make regular time for my creative outlets – Instead of putting my books, paints, yarn and sheet music on the shelf to gather dust, why not just use them?

Those sound reasonable. Let’s see how I do.