Great Post

A friend brought the most interesting article entitled, The Special Challenges of Highly Intelligent and Talented Women who are Moms, to my attention. I have no desire to tout my own brilliance. I’m the first person to be little impressed by myself. However, when I read this article, I suddenly understood my lifestyle choices so much better.

For years now, people have asked how, or more to the point, why I choose to homeschool, work, and still attempt to have a creative life of my own. I’ve never really known a good answer. I like the intellectual challenge of homeschooling my children. Working isn’t a choice, but I could choose to spend my little bits of free time relaxing. Instead, I choose to read voraciously, write critically and creatively, knit, paint, etc. I actively seek out deadlines and commitments that involve those interests because deadlines ensure that I make time for those pursuits. 

All I’ve ever been able to say in response to peoples’ queries is that I’m not happy unless I have that sort of stimulation in my life.

Now, thanks to Belinda Seiger, I finally understand that my impulses.