If You’ve Wondered Where I’ve Been. . .

A mother cat was dumped on our property and promptly took up residence in one of our stalls. Because we have a problem with coyotes and disappearing cats, I could not leave well enough alone. For the past month, I’ve been preoccupied with humanely trapping the mother and each of her kittens as I discovered them. To date, the mother has been spayed and relocated to a safer locale where she is rapidly becoming accustom to humans and canned cat food, not necessarily in that order.

As of two days ago, I believe that I have finally caught all of her kittens. While they are old enough to be away from their mother, they need socialization and are living in my office. Given that three adult cats and three juvenile sons already occupy my home, we are pretty close to pandemonium a  good part of each day. Nevertheless, the kittens are very sweet.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce:


Retro (in back) and MJ
231-E.JPGand Wiley.