WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

I feel obliged to write that I’m not obsessed with our cats and do not intend to turn every week’s photo challenge into another photo opportunity of them. However, this week’s challenge topic is “Beloved,” and I first think of my spouse or maybe my boys, but I don’t post their pictures out of respect for their privacy. Then, I spied these two cuddled up on my chair and somehow saw them as a sort of horizontal, feline version of Klimt’s The Kiss. Then again, I suspect that is just my unique perspective. 😉

Stormie and Wiley snuggling

All I Can Say Is

I really want to be my cats.

Stormie Snoozing
Stormie sleeping under my desk in the corner of my office.

Wiley Snoozing by HeaterWiley snoozing by the heater in my office.

Come to think of it, I may just be deluding myself to call it “my office.”

Stormie and Wiley Bogarting the Heater Vent