Project: Lemon-Thyme Salt

A few years ago, my husband and I spent our anniversary puttering around Napa Valley. We ended up at the Oxbow Public Market. While meandering the stalls, I discovered lemon-thyme salt at Whole Spice. It quickly became a favorite in my kitchen, particularly in stews.

When we moved to Washington, I carefully hoarded my small stash of salt because I knew I couldn’t return to Oxbow too easily. However, I finally ran out and needed to seek a new supply this year. Price made it impractical to purchase and ship it online, and I could not find it in our local spice shops. However, one merchant was kind enough to point out that it wasn’t that difficult to make myself. Eureka!

Using this recipe for proportions, I substituted table salt for coarse salt and skipped the mincing by hand in favor of using the Cuisinart to dice the thyme and lemon zest to a paste. And I ended up with this lovely jar in a few days. It smells delightfully lemony and amazing and comes with the added satisfaction of having made it myself.

Lemon-Thyme Salt