The Band

A knot of white metal,
that sparks and flashes.

A knot tied fast one night
over wasted drinks and dripped dip.

A knot that completed two lives,
no longer needing others.

A knot becoming only
tighter with the tugs of trials.

A knot that even death
could not untie.

A knot forming a fierce circle,
that created my world.

And a bit of fun:

Grocery Shopping Blues

Another week slides by.
Time to fill that fridge again.

Milk’s drained low.
The bread’s but crust.

Ham’s only bone.
good for beans alone.

Saturday is for pushin that cart
up and down those aisles.

Smile at the box boy;
hope he wont crack the eggs.

Tote those bags and boxes.
Only two more stores to go.