Creative Check-In, Or Lack of Creativity Check-In

So, the title sort of says it all. However, I think it’s beneficial to record failures as well as successes. Therefore, I post.

My life has been filled with the endless details of running a home with three children and a business, and my less-than-abundant free time has been taken up with exercise for the most part. Still, I want to proceed through the list and remind myself what I am missing. 😛

Knitting: This one is still on hold, but I’m facing a long car ride in the next week or so, and am starting to feel up to tackling the pattern I discussed here.

Piano: I’ve been helping my youngest practice piano and listening to my two older ones play pieces beyond my ability. Somehow, that gives me hope because I remember when the oldest two were starting. Still, I don’t forsee any time for practice right now.

Cooking: This one is pretty much a given, with three growing boys in the house. Recently, I found several promising recipes in the March 2012 issue of Clean Eating magazine, including a wonderful Lemon Chicken Stew and a Broccoli & White Bean Mac & Cheese.

Painting: Absolutely no progress on this front whatsoever.

Writing: I have some progress to note here. I’ve almost caught up on my book reviews. I have three left, and then I will probably be forced to cut back significantly if I ever expect to be creative in other ways. My blogs are perking a bit, however. And I’ve returned to my writing groups. I even managed a decent bit of flash fiction in one writer’s group session.

Outdoors & Exercise: 
My elliptical arrived in mid-January, and I’ve been getting in half-hour workouts on more days than not. I’ve also activated a month-long pass to a yoga and pilates studio, which I have been enjoying. My goal is to work up to 45 minutes on the elliptical and combine that with a second, short routine of yoga, pilates, weight training or balance ball at least five days a week.

I genuinely hope to have a more impressive report next time.