Couple of Updates

It’s odd how events come together at times. The last few days, I’ve been spending my precious blog-posting time, working on my blogs to move away from Google products.

While transitioning, however, I’ve been a bit cut off from my virtual world, especially my blog reader. The break has been surprisingly refreshing.

At the same time, I am Catholic, and today is Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent.
I happened to read today that the Bishop of our diocese suggests that we attempt a virtual fast for this season, taking a break from our computers and tech devices to turn toward God, our friends and family. He does not suggest a ban, but moderation.

Given my earlier experience this week, I’ve decided to try the fast. I wont stop posting, but I will be attempting to spend less time on the net.

What makes this fast even more interesting to me, however, is that I discovered the Creative Every Day 2010 challenge earlier this week. I’ve decided to join the challenge.

I’m curious to see where the opportunity to turn inward and be creative will take me.