Project 365 Somethings: Week 1

I will write more about the details of this project in a few weeks when I’ve proved to myself I am going to stick with it. For now, however, I will record my progress.

Reinert’s Color Workshop

This week, I’m tackling Rachel Reinert’s Color Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Artistic Effects.

My goals with this book is first, to increase my enjoyment of coloring by being able to get depth and a better color schemes into my pages. A second, longer term goal is to improve my skills for my own art work and possibly for children’s book illustration.

Thus far, I’ve read through the first three of her four chapters covering tools, color theory, and techniques. While the tools were pretty familiar, the color theory provided an easy-to-understand review of basic color theory which I needed, and she included several techniques which I had not previously seen.

I am now working my way through her final chapter where she provides step-by-step instructions to get specific effects. The last part of the book contains coloring pages on which to follow her instructions. I’m really enjoying this. Here’s my first completed piece.

First Project in my 365 Project





Overall, a solid start to my project!

6 thoughts on “Project 365 Somethings: Week 1

  1. Pretty! I’m wishing for spring already. It looks like those techniques might transfer well to other media.

    • Yes, that’s the hope! I like coloring as a hobby, but I’m really hoping it improves my technique in other areas.

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